Stake Center Locating, Inc. and S&N Locating Services, LLC, formerly operating units within S&N Communications, Inc., have combined operations under the Stake Center Locating name to reflect the company’s 100% focus on utility locating services. Separately, S&N Communications, Inc. is now under new ownership, operating as an independent company focused solely on wired and wireless infrastructure construction.

"We are leveraging our strength in locating by combining these two powerhouse operations. At Stake Center, we care about precision and safety with every job and keeping customers top of mind. We are the smarter alternative for utility locating."

— George Baer, Chief Executive Officer of Stake Center Locating

Tony Belford has been named President of Operations and Business Development, and Debbie Scott will serve as Chief Financial Officer of Stake Center Locating.

Stake Center Locating understands that utility locating is a job that requires skill, precision and accuracy. Getting it wrong can have major implications to the operations of our customers and to the public. Whether it’s building construction, road construction, or utility installation, there are more damage risks today than ever before.

"We know that damage prevention, accuracy, and timeliness are vital, and our record proves that. We have combined the experience and best attributes of both locating companies to become one powerhouse locating company. Stake Center is dedicated to getting the job done right—no shortcuts. We offer a clear alternative to those customers seeking quality and true customer service."

— George Baer, Chief Executive Officer of Stake Center Locating

The company unveiled a new logo, website and mantra, “There’s A Lot At Stake,” illustrating the company’s belief that customers have a lot at stake when it comes to protecting the integrity of their infrastructure.

Moving forward, Stake Center will continue to build its brand and reputation as a quality choice for utility locating, an alternative to larger locating firms where it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and a better option than smaller, less equipped firms. Stake Center is pin point focused on becoming the locating company synonymous with safety, service and accuracy.

"We want to be the company that industry leaders and decision-makers in communication, electricity, cable, gas and fiber optic industries choose every time. This job is necessary to the success of these industries and Stake Center is the superior locating company for these industries that have a lot at stake."

— George Baer, Chief Executive Officer of Stake Center Locating

About Stake Center Locating

Stake Center Locating is headquartered at 636 Gralin St., Kernersville, NC. 27284. It is a utility locating company focused on delivering high-quality, safe and accurate locating services. Stake Center Locating operates in 43 states and Washington, D.C. and is home to more than 700 employees and field personnel. Stake Center completes over 500,000 locate requests each month.