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Fiber optic network locating has been a Stake Center℠ specialty since 2008. We’re equipped with the specialized expertise and the latest technology needed to get the job done right.

We understand what's at stake.

Fiber optic lines serve national communications infrastructure service providers, like large fiber optic network operators. With the growth of 5G alone, it’s predicted that the United States will make an investment of over $130 billion for fiber optic networks over the next five to seven years. Naturally, this rapid growth gives way to more room for risk. That’s where Stake Center comes in.

Because fiber optic cables so commonly run below busy highways and city blocks, with cities wrapped in miles of fiber optic lines, our complete commitment to damage prevention sets us apart from other locating companies. We know the easy way and the right way aren’t always one in the same.

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You’ve found the industry leader. We understand the costly downtime and reputational risks associated with major wireless network outages. You can count on us for uninterrupted service.

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