Our Services

We are the expert and market leader in high-risk infrastructure and fiber optic network locating. From cable and communication to electricity, gas or large fiber optic networks—we’ve got your locating needs covered.

Fiber Optic Network Locating

Serves national communications infrastructure service providers, including large fiber optic network operators. With this service especially, quality of service is critical given the costly downtime and reputational risks associated with major wireless network outages.

Communications Locating

Communications utility locating includes fiber optic and local telephones.

Gas Locating

Serves large gas utilities like natural gas operators, wholesalers, distributors and service providers. We also offer exclusive locating services to ensure locator focus and public safety.

Electrical Locating

Serves the basic utility—electricity—in residential communities and commercial and industrial areas.

Cable Locating

Serves television and any other outstanding cables beneath our feet.

Looking for best-in-class locating?

When your customers constantly rely on you for uninterrupted service, you have a lot at stake. Stake Center LocatingSM can provide our expertise that puts safety, quality and accuracy before all else, getting the job done right.

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