Working with 811

Beginning a project that involves digging without understanding the location of underground utilities can lead to damage of gas, communications, electricity and other lines. 811 “Call Before You Dig” is a nationally operated resource that works to connect locating companies with those who need them in an effort to avoid service disruptions, costly repairs and serious injuries that can be caused by utility line damage.

Call 811 before you dig.

We work to provide best-in-class utility locating services to our customers, but locating doesn’t always begin with us.

When it comes to public utilities, the process starts with calling 811, which will connect you to your local one-call center. Once your request is received, 811 provides information to utility operators affected by the job.

When we receive a ticket from 811, we send one of our locating experts to the scene. From there, we’ll help facilitate safe digging by locating and marking the utility lines on site.

If you’re looking for private utility locating services, it all begins right here.
Learn more about private utility locating.

Ready to get started?

As one of the largest utility locating companies in the United States, Stake Center℠ is often on the scene. When public utilities are involved, it’s best to call 811 before you dig, but if you have questions for us, we’re here to help you get started safely.

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